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Below are the products produced by Piaggio Vespa along with several German companies. From the table it can be discovered also Frame Serial Number (body) attached to the Vespa, and are at the bottom of the trunk box. To complement the information on the Vespa Congo, Vespa specification below is intended.

Vespa Congo 1963


One thing that distinguishes between Vespa Congo circulating in Indonesia with his siblings from the German (Vespa Vespa production Touren Augsburg GmbH) is the shape of the taillights. Taillight Congo as generally Vespa Vespa 1960? An outstanding in Indonesia, as the lights Blimbing. Meanwhile, back light (with brand Hella) production Vespa GmbH Augsburg is as shown in the photograph that accompanies this article.

Although many emerging story of the Vespa hallmark of Congo, one thing is certain about these types is the Vespa is written Forces BPKB Garuda Indonesia? Just that is the central feature. While some rare items that came with Vespa Vespa Congo and in contrast to other types, is the speedo meter, a small light above the speedo meter, headlamp washers and glass, spakbor, comb in spakbor, engine box, a front turn signal switch as a replacement plate number of soldiers who are on the left side of the handlebar, handlebar light switch right.
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