1970 Honda C70 Pispot Modif Retro - For Sale

1970 Honda C70 Pispot Retro Pictures
1970 Honda C70 Pispot Modif Retro

1970 Honda C70 Pispot Modif Retro - For Sale
Honda C70 Pispot in 1970
Item Condition: Used
Price: Rp. 6.5 million
Seller Location: DKI Jakarta


1970 Honda C70 Pispot For Sale, uniquely beautiful birth certificates in 1970

- Honda Grand collaboration engine, gears up to 4th gear
- Angel eyes headlights use LED
- Double seat
- Good engine
- Taxation of life (complete correspondence, a new extended, until October 2012) Plat AB Jogjakarta
- Wheels 14 new tire sizes gambot
- Normal electrical brake lights, turn signal, horn function
- Wing honda 70
- Tengki gasoline split the original pot, ya hunted rare collector's items
- Vehicle registration tax kumplit BPKB life
- Telescopic front tomorrow Sok use
- Following the model of congenital spakbor pretentious front telescopic
- No speedometer, the new replica, but spedonya cable is not attached, the new (kilometer zero).

Motor Klangenan Keren, Impression Older But Fun.

Mahar Rp. 6.5 million (exact negro)
Ayahandi - 9815 8464 9999
Locations in around RS Fatmawati - Cilandak South Jakarta.

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